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Thank you for your interest in my Portfolio and my expertise in Video Production. Let me tell you a quick bit about myself. I am an enthusiastic and self-driven Video & Media Producer who takes care of all aspects: from concept and directing, to shooting and editing. In the last 6 years I have produced over 150 videos, 2 of which are feature films for private clients, and 1 short documentary funded by a 2016 Upside Down Grant with One Revolution Foundation.


I start each new project with refreshed enthusiasm as if it was my first one! I begin with listening very carefully to my clients, paying special attention to the message and the mood they are looking to convey though their videos. My mission and talent lie in transforming my clients' wishes and needs into a video production experience that belongs to them in content, style and creativity.

I make an excellent team player in the creative and problem-solving process but when the final assignment is agreed upon I can work very independently; I am hard working, self-motivated, and ambitious. I can also find the best in everyone and make it shine through my videos!

In my background I have 8 years experience as a high school teacher (1996-2004), a MFA in integrated electronic media (2009-2011), the production of 40 mini-documentaries as founder and chief video producer of Media 4 Community, NFP, and multimedia producer of Chicago 4 Community webzine (2012-2014); I am also the creator of about 110 movies of various length as a Film and Video Producer with Make Your Movie, inc. (2012-present). Among my customers are: American Cancer Society, Lake Forest Historical Society, Wilmette Public Library, Good Food Festival and Conference, Empire State College, Wilmette Park District. From 2011 on I have presented my video work at the Cell Theatre in New York; the EMPAC Theatre in Troy, NY; Sonorities Festival in Belfast, Ireland. In 2016 I was awarded a national grant by OneRevolution Foundation, for the production of a short documentary that 'turns the perception of disability upside down'; this short documentary is now scheduled to be screened at Advocate Masonic Medical Center, Chicago, in Fall 2017.

I would love to hear back from you, learn about you and your company goals, and find out how I can help to get you and your team the gold medal this year! You can reach me at info@claratomaz.com or you are very welcome to use the form below.