I like to think of video production and my mixed media art practice as two halves that complement each other. In both cases, I combine elements from several sources in a virtual or literal collage that tells a story. Finding the ultimate balance between elements with different qualities must be what I really like doing! In film and video the process of editing is all about putting footage and still photos in synch with audio and motion graphics organically and harmonically. There is endless space for creativity but a lot of planning and problem solving is also involved. In my mixed media studio I can be more spontaneous: I avoid planning too much and enjoy being more meditative, combining and manipulating the physical pieces of my collages as I feel in the moment. 

Born and raised near Milan, Italy, I travelled extensively, earned my MFA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, then settled in the North Shore of Chicago in 2011 - where I now live and work.

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