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LINEAR AND AERIAL PERSPECTIVE is a multimedia performance featuring myself as vocalist, video artist, producer, and music co-director (role shared with American composer Pauline Oliveros). The show documented in this video was part of my MFA thesis with the participation of the Tintinnabulate Improvisation Ensemble at the EMPAC Theatre, Troy, NY, in December 2011. The same performance traveled to SONORITIES FESTIVAL at Queen's University in Belfast, UK, in 2012.

UNEXPECTED JOURNEY (2011) is a multimedia solo show on the theme of tongue cancer at the Art Center of the Capital Region in Troy, NY. It is inspired by a personal experience of undergoing surgery, having tongue and lower jaw removed and later reconstructed with soft tissue and bones harvested from other areas of the body. 

UNEXPECTED JOURNEY is a mix of videos and installations, including: a display of used radiation therapy masks for head and neck cancer patients; interactive cardboard boxes showing body parts to be rearranged and reassembled by the visitors; a MIDI music keyboard programmed to play letter sounds as a metaphor for speech loss. Five experimental videos play in different locations throughout the exhibition: MIRROR (2009), CHEMO THIRST (2010) and the three separate parts of REASSEMBLED (2010-11)

Created for an immersive installation in a darkened room full of mirrors - reflecting pieces of the main projection on a large wall, - MIRROR is my very first attempt at digital animation before starting the MFA program in electronic arts at RPI. It is about disfigurement caused by cancer treatments and the complex journey of self-acceptance. 

Watch the video here.

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